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Sunday, 21 January 2018


Private Label Own Branded Vehicle Tracking Software
Since 2008, White Label SaaS has been the leading provider of own branded vehicle tracking software (as a service), bespoke web applications development and systems integration to the vehicle telematics market. We have helped companies and individuals world wide get the returns they deserve. Here are four reasons why White Label SaaS is right for you:
Your System
White Label SaaS will re-design the system, making it entirely yours under your own branding.
Your Customer
Your take ownership of your customers, adding value to your business for years to come. They are your customers, not ours.
Your Choice
You pick from a list of additional modules and add new features, easily differentiating yourself from your competitors.
Your Profit
Cutting out the middleman means you can choose your hardware supplier, appoint your installer and select your network provider - saving you money and propelling profits upwards of fivefold.
Does White Label SaaS sound right for you? If so, we'd like to talk. Get in touch